About Me

Hello I’m Michael Roth, I’m a M365 business consultant and graphic designer

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Educational Qualification
That I Have Gathered

Prosci Certified Practitioner

December 2019

Tiba Business School

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

October 2019

Scrum Alliance

Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist

March 2019


Systemic Business Consultant

2007 - 2014

TÜV Rheinland AG

Master of Arts: educational science

2007 - 2014

Ruhr University Bochum

What is my mission?

I want to inspire people without a tech background to start their own journey into the tech world.
I’m a tech person by choice. That means, I didn’t have a technical background to begin with until I decided (in my thirties) to learn everything around tech that seems relevant to me. In order to learn, I write. It helps me understand this complex stuff. With my blog I want to deliver instructions and helpful content for every beginner out there.